Saturday, March 7, 2015

Enter at your own pariel

From my run this afternoon. Can't tell what this building was. When there is less ice, I'll investigate at my own pariels

I like this pedantic owl that's making its way through Facebook

The Days of Forty have begun. Yay! With a little more warmth, I can go on the dirt roads and not have cars whiz by me so fast.
Steve is with our fix-it person at the old house. Hopefully a lot is getting done.
We've now been in this house a whole month. It seems so long ago.I took on the challenge of putting together a table today. The instructions said something about the estimated time to completion was 20 minutes. Ha. Took me that long just to get it out of the box. But with many interruptions, I was able to get it done in an hour (every time I hunkered on to the floor, the phone would ring. I am not graceful getting back up)
I had some visitors yesterday and today. Yesterday Shanna and two of the grandkids and a good friend. Today Naomi. But that visit was very short as I had said No to an outrageous request and she stomped off. When will adolescence end?


Elephant's Child said...

Well done. No is a work I find very difficult - particularly with family.
I have to ask: Pariel? Like peril?

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

That's what the sign said in front of the abandoned store I ran by: Enter at your own risk or all pariels.


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