Monday, March 30, 2015

Pardon my dust!

living room of the dust free house that we didn't buy

I've been busy with the den. The settee will go outside this week along with the table. Need to find a nice chaise. Lights will be added when other house is sold

Den has some blank spaces. I am going to frame my Audubon print Snowy Owl which will fill the middle here

And if we did not have enough bedrooms, I made another in the basement yesterday surrounding the space with shoji screens. Guests will be treated to seeing prints of Toddler Sue though one of these is actually Toddler Shanna
One disadvantage of all the windows we have now is that the sun highlights the dust, which piles up at an amazing rate. One of the houses we looked at this summer had as a selling point being dust free as all incoming air was filtered through ultra high efficiency filters as a child there had severe allergies. The house was beautiful perched high on a hill overlooking a pretty landscape with a huge deck, large windows. It cost way less than this house but was far away from the kids and about everything else. Despite every room looking fresh out of House Beautiful, the kitchen was ugly and small. It could be remodeled but I didn't know where the needed space would  coming from. It had an indoor sauna, hot tub and Jacuzzi.

We were treated to gale force winds again yesterday making going outside not inviting. No matter, I kept busy inside and I had 2 sets of guests. Josh and Allie came for lunch. It was her 18 month birthday. At the doctor's visit today, she was found to be off the charts for weight, height, and head size. She will be a big girl. Steve had gone earlier to pick up stuff at the Italian place. Taste treat that I served later at our House of Cards viewing: caramel cheddar cheese served on a slice of apple on a cinnamon cracker. For lunch: cappocola and provolone on just out of the oven asiago cheese bread with sweet hot pepper cheese spread. Allie had her own mix of sweet potatoes, avocados and chicken.

Josh had fixed the broken bed frame for us so I was able to set up the bed pictured. I also started on my baroque corner full of over the top frilly stuff my biological grandma favored. Photo when I am done.

And spring will come this week: a long run this morning in the beautiful sun. I was actually considerably speedier than usual. I came across the chow owners with half of their chows. We were at the park with the sign cautioning us about coyotes. She said we will hear them soon. They come right up to their windows and stare at their dogs (though the chows would give them a battle but the pug would be easy prey). And how haven't I noticed deer as she said they are all over our neighborhood? I see them on my running road but not in the neighborhood. She does have the large buffer woods in her backyard whereas we are in the middle so maybe we just don't see what she does.

Today's project: select a photo  from our Italian trip to convert into a glass cutting board. Should I go with a photo of red peppers from the Rialto market that will match my kitchen perfectly? Or go for a more specific Italian scene (red peppers are found everywhere).

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Dust is one of my bug bears. I can never get on top of it. Or window cleaning...


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