Monday, March 23, 2015

Reconstructing Sue


Interesting birdhouse on my bike ride the other day

I had Steve buy 3 dozen daffodils to celebrate spring the other day. They looked very pathetic as they were completely closed up. I would not have bought them. But after 24 hours, they mostly opened. Three days later,  all of them are open. They looked cool with the sun filtering through them this morning

My pug vase holds a dozen of them
Allie at the waterpark this weekend
This is the tentative plan for my Picasso-esque  chest: come fall (maybe November), my left breast will be reduced 30-40% and lifted to line up with my fossilized right breast. The tricky part is recontouring the right breast to look reasonable as there is no breast tissue left whatsoever underneath the incision. He will suck fat out of my abdomen and inject it into my breast. He said it might take several sessions. All of this is out-patient but the downside is the recovery time. 2-3 weeks with a drain sticking out and no exercise. No biking for at least a month and no running for even longer. This is why I am putting it off so long. Maybe he can suck out a little (a lot!!!) extra fat? But it should be easier to fit into clothes without having this one oversized breast. And I would no longer be lop-sided. I think I will do it even though I will have scars. They wouldn't show even if I wore a cleavage revealing top.

What did I do yesterday? Absolutely nothing. It looked so nice out but all morning it was in the low 20s. This wouldn't bother me to run (it wasn't much warmer when I went out this morning) but biking has a different temperature range. I didn't even fix up the house (though this morning I was back to rearranging stuff and collecting even more stuff from the old house). I did spend time handwashing my crystal and antique plates and then watching junk TV. Some of the TV wasn't junk. I watched the Armenian Holocaust documentary as it is the 100 year anniversary of it. So heart breaking. And caused by people who follow a religion they say is of peace. Not peace as their basic tenet seems to be Death to Infidels!!!!! The Armenians are Christians (their church older than Catholicism), which is the main reason they were killed. The Detroit area is home to a large group of Armenians. One of my best friends growing up was one. I keep putting off getting together with her as I seem to be always busy..but once we finally get the old house on the market....I will breathe a sigh of relief.

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Elephant's Child said...

Glad to hear you had a rest and recuperation day yesterday.
Good luck with the surgery. A long down time, but it sounds as if it will be worth it.


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