Saturday, March 28, 2015

Lost but they are found, part II

My missing rose!

Now each of my breakfast nook windows shows a Sue-made stained glass creation. I could even center the rose as it has a hangar though poorly applied

The cold air return from our living room at the old house. At the rate our painter works, the cost to remove the wallpaper would be way more than the cost of a new one. I wish I never agreed to the wallpaper removal project. Will convert this into 'art' of some sort. Note how well it matches our sofa, which Steve hates so much.
My largest project. It used to hang in the master bedroom window of our very first house. The green matched our Marimekko bedspread (it was the 70s) The house we are currently trying to sell really didn't have a suitable window to hang it in so it stayed in the garage for the past 32 years. And Steve drove the car into it one day so it is bent and broken.  It does look pretty when the light shines through it. Someday it will be fixed....
Amidst my pity part the other day, Steve called to say that the glass rose was found sandwiched between 2 ancient computers in the garage. (we have quite the computer graveyard..Steve resists taking them to the tech recycling programs as they contain sensitive things). He said it was badly damaged though to me, it doesn't look that bad.

Also found, some of my missing coasters though my Joan Miro ones are still missing. I think I might have given them to someone (who probably threw them away). Too bad. They looked really cool. I had bought them in Barcelona along with my ceramic dragon that is the centerpiece of Parc Guell that now crawls the wall of my guest bathroom along with my Oaxacan painted animal collection from my trips to San Diego.

As I type this, the trash haulers should be at our house ridding us of big things that we can't taken away ourselves. Little unwanted things will continue to fill our weekly trash. I went there yesterday to finalize what goes. The painter stopped by and I had expressed dissatisfaction on how slowly things are getting done, particularly the wallpaper which he had promised would go quickly. Now he denies he ever said that. He did take away some of our stuff for his personal use (good, less stuff for us to pay for) though he must be a hoarder. And Steve shared with me some other outrageous things he has done so far. If things don't get better, Steve has resigned himself to doing the work himself. He is a good painter. Meanwhile I have a carload of stuff to unload today. The objects become less and less desirable as time goes on. I have to keep asking myself: When did I ever use this? When will I ever use it? Steve to his credit, kept the sighing to a minimum. I had thrown a lot away.

Winter continues at this late date. I ran through snow flurries yesterday though I was comfortable. I saw a lone turkey. It is even colder today but it pretty and sunny.

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Elephant's Child said...

I am feeling overwhelmed just reading about what you are going through at the moment.
I hope it is over for you. Soon.


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