Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Paronychia will destroy ya

These are my husband's hands. I am documenting  them to see if they are improving, which fortunately they are. Last week 8 nail beds were inflamed; now only 5.This condition is known as paronychia. It is probably caused in his case by excessive hand washing with harsh soaps, dry skin, and refusal to put lotions on them. I have supplied him with a very good cream that quickly repaired a dry patch I had but he only used it once as he hates creams. And I have alternatives to the harsh soaps at every faucet but he doesn't believe these disinfect his hands. Meanwhile his hands are invaded by bacteria or fungus despite the constant disinfecting. My hands are in good shape by contrast despite me doing all the hand dishwashing and exposing my hands to the dry, cold air outside (I wear gloves only if it is below 10 degrees). And I have nice pink nailbeds.

I did panic when I first looked this up. He thought he had injured his fingers during all the putting things together activities but every finger? This to me pointed to something systemic. Lupus comes to mind but he has no other symptoms.

The first bike ride of the season; a full month before last year (and I was chomping at the bit then too). I didn't go far as I am trying to avoid soreness but it felt so good to be out in the sunshine. Almost 50! The only fly in the ointment is that I didn't put on my biking shorts carefully and I have a painful chafing injury, even though I just went 7.5 miles. Tomorrow it will be close to 60. Happy day.

Steve installed the surround sound speakers Josh got him for Christmas so our family room can be a theater experience

And later I had Happy Hour at the house with a good friend. Today, lunch with a work buddy.

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Elephant's Child said...

Though my partner DOES use hand cream. Lots and lots of hand cream. And doesn't rub it in well or wait for it to soak in. Smears everywhere.


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