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Mommasunflower was my favorite yoga teacher by far. So gentle and sweet. She's the one who told me not doing yoga because you are inflexible is not eating because you are starving. She had had breast cancer and found yoga crucial to her first recovery and became a teacher. She knew the issues we had first hand. Then one day she didn't show for our class and the director read us a heart breaking letter. The cancer had returned big time and was all over the place starting with a back ache. She occasionally would show up as a student with her replacement teacher (who I couldn't stand). I read her blog and knew things were not going well.. After she had recovered from the first round of cancer, she had adopted a beautiful little girl, now motherless yet again. Mommasunflower died yesterday.

Yesterday was supposed to be my big biking day. This is what happened instead. Steve woke me up to say he was too sick to show up at the old house to supervise yet another round of expensive work. I rush over there to get a text saying our guy would be an hour late. I fire off a very angry text on how the time to tell me this was last night or even a half hour ago. Rude, rude , rude. I fill the enormous trash bin with our old possessions. I prepare more to take over here though all is in our garage as I didn't have the strength to bring all of the stuff into the house last night. I am waiting for Steve to leave so I am not treated to another round of I can't believe you are keeping that....

Once the worker showed up, out for a long run crossing the wetlands now filled with territorial red winged blackbirds trilling to attract  mates while perched on a reed. My favorite sound of early spring which will be soon replaced by the peepers. I run through one of the new developments (which made me agree with Steve it was time to move). Already building has begun. I do note that across the street from our old house, the For Sale sign has been removed from the House of Horrors. Most houses in the neighborhood sell within a week but this ugly thing has been sitting on the market since last summer. It would not be good to have this thing around when we get our house on the market. But a lot gets done: our big bath is finished excepting for drywall repairs. The fan has been adequately vented, our garage door now works, the exhaust fan in the kitchen works, our electrical outlets are now up to code. He also says the enormous quote his painter quoted is flexible and he will work with us. So maybe we can just attack the most pressing problems first. I start some yard work, removing leaves from the flower beds and trying to remove the wild grapes that have covered our house like kudzu. Although I worked quite a bit while I was there, I am there a very long time, made longer by his lateness. I am bored. I just want to go home. I brought two hard puzzles which I finish very quickly, I call people, I text people. I leave late in the day to grab some food (I hadn't had time to eat breakfast). I am not very hungry though and sort of just stare at my late lunch. Yep I am getting this crud too. I thought I was immune as I had the norovirus running rampant around here 3 weeks ago. Steve managed not to get that. But then Allie stayed with us the other night. She had refused to eat, was crabby and had diarrhea. It didn't last long (and she had norovirus about a week after me though not from me). Steve said he felt fine as long as he didn't get up but then he would be dizzy. He started texting me things he might eat. I went to the crowded store by this time dizzy myself fetching things. Back to the old house while I sit impatiently as things are being slowly finishing up. I just want to leave. Fortunately I had packed the car while I still had energy; unpacking it was a chore.

At home, I have chills. I bundle under two blankets waiting impatiently for the final installment of The Jinx. After much nagging from Josh, we've been watching this all weekend with some of the episodes we watched with Josh. It is a fascinating story. For those of you who haven't watched it, watch it. It is the true story of this psychopath heir of a NY real estate empire. His first wife mysteriously disappears 33 years ago. 15 years ago, his best friend is shot. Then more recently his neighbor is found in separate floating trash bags in Galveston which is quickly tied to him. He admits to that killing but manages with all his money to convince the jury it was self defense.  Any way, the film director just happens to come across some damning evidence (why couldn't the cops find this) pretty much proving his killing his best friend (there was a clear motive) but the way he got it might make the whole thing inadmissible. He pretty much needed to get a confession out of this guy and in the final episode, he does...

The guy was arrested Saturday. We will see how he weasels out of this. He probably will. Lots of interesting issues.

I am currently drinking coffee so I do feel much better. I was no where nearly as sick as I was a few weeks ago but I am annoyed that I could get it again so soon.

Super pi day. Missed it. Didn't celebrate it with making of pies. Instead we helped Josh take care of Allie (Julie had been gone 3 days). It was supposed to be warm and we anticipated taking her for a walk on the Milford Trail that we had biked together on last fall. A few problems: warm weather did not happen and the trail was still covered with snow. We decided to take her to the Farm Center instead (usually have a litter of newborn piggies there for the kids) but she falls asleep during the drive. No little piggies but we could watch more of  The Jinx uninterrupted by her.

The Ides of March: Beware! Three years ago while we were in Massachusetts awaiting Tessa, I get a call on a bright sunny (at least in Boston) day. Help! There is a tornado overhead, what should I do?

Josh drove to what he perceived as a clear spot to the south. A dumb move as soon the storm blackened the skies where he fled to. Should have stayed in the basement. Although the houses were flattened just a quarter mile north of him, people were safe in their basements. It was a M3 tornado (medium strength...Michigan doesn't get strong ones) but in these houses, the framing was not securely fastened to the foundation. He was considering one of those houses. Good thing he didn't buy it. Trees looked covered with cotton candy for a month due to insulation flying everywhere.

On tap for today? It will be warm enough for a bike ride. I will see how much energy I have. Then to finish decorating my den.

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Elephant's Child said...

I am so sorry for everyone who lost Mommasunflower. She sounds like the sort of person we all need in our lives.
On the house front? Aaargh.
On the illness front? Ditto.


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