Thursday, March 5, 2015

A pack of chow-chows

The only pets I have these days: glass fish. I set up 2 fishbowls in 2 bathrooms to amuse the grandkids. I once had a office partner who would gift me a glass fish which I would put in lab glass in my office

New orchid: it is burgundy and cream though I can't get the photo to reflect that

The white orchid is living next to the Jacuzzi along with my succulent turtle
Are we known by the dogs that we keep? Yesterday as I gingerly stepped through the inch thick ice pack on the way to the main road, I came across a neighbor with a pack of chow-chows in tow. She has 4 of them and a pug though the cold is too tough on the pug to come out. The alpha chow immediately put his nose in my crouch.

See what a sweetie he is? Can you believe that Boxer Lady is spreading rumors that he is a vicious dog?
As it turns out, Boxer Lady is our nearest neighbor. I have never seen any evidence of her and the boxer as the house is always dark.

Oh, she's in there all right. She's just too lazy to walk the dog.

Across the street, we have the yellow lab people. Next to us, the nice young couple who snow-blown our driveway after the Big Dump, has a border collie and a one year old human. The Dalmatian in the first lot of the sub wants my blood as I run by his domain. We've already met the husky lady who walks said husky at least twice a day. She regaled me with stories of other dogs and their owners. All nice and friendly except Boxer Lady.

One of my favorite books is The Book of Lists as I love that kind of thing. Longest, biggest, oldest...what ever. But I do remember chows being number one on breed most likely to bite.

It took a while for the sun to melt our road. There was a small space on the shoulder of the busy road for me to run from the salt run off. If I had waited a few hours more, all would have been clear. Underneath the ice on our front walk was soft snow so once I broke through the crust, it was easy to clear. The sheets of ice noisily skidded down the front yard.

Later on my way to the hair dresser, entire fields glistened in the late afternoon sun. I went by a flock of turkeys skidding on the ice pack. I went by the two alpaca farms. Turns out the far western edge of the county had much more snow than we did and I was nervous about getting snuck. I now have no roots. Sometimes she cuts my hair too short. I wanted it an inch below my chin. Maybe next time I should ask for 2 inches below the chin. It is also darker though not as dark as in my dream last night in which it was close to black. I will not run today so I don't have to shower in an attempt for the color to set.

Maybe I will tackle the den, the part of the house that is 'mine'.


Teri Bernstein said...

I thought the dog most likely to bite is a beautiful big white Maremma...but I think you had a good experience with one.

Elephant's Child said...

I have only ever been bitten my little dogs. Dogs which had to jump to reach my knee to fang it. Jump they did though. Drat them.
Glass fish are much easier to keep that their living counterparts.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Dave the Maremma never bit anyone that I knew of even when he was trying to herd me. Good because rabies vaccinations are rare in Italy especially for abandoned dogs.I've only come across one Maremma here in the US.


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