Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Things that were lost but now they are found

My brother at one. Seems to be recovering from chickenpox

My mom on her wedding day. My aunt, to the right of my mom has asked me in the past for this photo. It just surfaced today
Some of the things that we have recovered deep in our cupboards and closets because of this move that we haven't seen in years or didn't know they existed: manuscripts of novels written by my grandma and grandpa; old slides, my diploma, various photos, my father's baby book and some movies. Still some things are missing in action, notably a stained glass piece I made years ago.

We had purchased a super 8 mm movie camera right before Shanna's birth though we did not film her birth. It took 3 minutes at a time.  We had reels and reels of these that once we retired, had converted to dvds. Around the time Shanna was one, a friend asked me to film her son's first birthday party which we did. I got it developed but never showed it to her. She had asked me if I still had it. Nope, hadn't seen it in years. I felt very bad about this About 6 weeks ago, Steve found an unmarked reel deep in the cupboard. We had it converted into a dvd along with a film of Steve's basketball, softball and both of us playing racquet ball. At the tail end of the strip was the missing birthday party, just in time to give her a copy for her Big Birthday. Her baby has 3 kids of his own. Time does fly.

The orange and blue wallpaper is gone. Painting has begun. We spent several hours at the Money Pit yesterday preparing stuff for the charity folks to be picked up. This weekend, trash haulers show up.

Yesterday, my new Italian-American friend and I spent some time at the Italian market buying lots of tasty treats. It was fun trying new things. And the large cannoli were on sale, Yay. Strange food item there (not Italian): Peeps flavored marshmallow milk. And today, Tessa in the morning joined by Shanna and Daniel in he afternoon. Too rainy and windy for anyone to go outside.

And my first flowers of the year (too lazy to photograph them) 3 croci!

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Elephant's Child said...

Goodness you are busy.
I shudder to think what might emerge from some of our cupboards...


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