Sunday, March 22, 2015


Miss Tess and her purple birthday cupcake. Guess what her favorite color is?
The last few days have been busy. Gone were my plans to finally deal with my nails. Maybe towards the end of next week? Yesterday was Tessa's birthday and I was having the Moms over. I got up early to shred vegetables and marinate shrimp. Everything would have to be done several hours before they came over.

The first day of spring: it was very pretty and I did have time to go for a long run. Usually I don't see anyone else on the road but yesterday my footsteps seemed to have a strange echo and then I heard heavy breathing, not my own....

Back to making dinner: Thai noodle salad with grilled shrimp (would be served cold) on 86 year old Wedgewood plates
coconut jasmine rice with peas
green curried cauliflower
Korean scallion pancakes (thank-you Trader Joe)

The Moms would bring dessert, salad and appetizers and plenty of wine

I had scheduled this before Shanna scheduled a family party for Tessa. Yes I knew it was her birthday but I assumed it would be earlier in the day. Fortunately now she lives close-by so I could go for part of it. Lots of Syrian treats there, my favorite being the pomegranate meat pies and hummus. Josh and Julie were up north somewhere but Maya and Naomi came along with Tessa's paternal cousins.

The Moms were fun. Lots of interesting conversations and trip recounts. Though all of them have seen the house before, two of them came over 2 days after I moved in so not much was set up. We've now been here 6 weeks so more is being finished. This past week I have been concentrating on my den. The settee we have in it now will go out on the front porch and hopefully be replaced by a chaise. Also we need to recover some of our lamps from the other house (not until it is sold as some rooms have no overhead lighting there).

thoughtful house warming gift from one of the Moms

Morning light looks cool filtering through the ruby glass collection

Thai noodle salad on my antique plates. I love my multicolored bamboo placemats

It is so pretty out but too cold for my hoped for bike ride. At least we missed Ultima, the snow storm that hit the NE. I did ride Friday and heard the peepers, a wonderful spring song though they were quiet yesterday morning. Maybe the frogs only sing when it is above 40. Tomorrow I go for my plastic surgery consult to learn what can be done about my sorry looking chest. I guess I could run today but I am tired..

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Elephant's Child said...

Loving that celebration. The house is coming together well.
Good luck with the surgeon consult.


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