Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Y!M!C!A!...Sing it now!

The view outside my window. I thought I accidentally got it in black and white mode but no..that's what life outside looks like here. And today is the warm day with a high of 17F degrees. Next 3-4 days? Much colder

More colorful elsewhere. San Blas Islands taken by my niece
Back to the Livestrong program for survivors at the Y. You'd think I'd have retired that cancer card by now. But my inflexibility , especially on the treated side, remains along with some balance issues. I've been very  diligent about cardiovascular workouts biking and running almost every day but the snow and ice are making that more difficult.

Today I concentrated on the weight machines. Already I am sore. Can't wait until tomorrow when I will be even sorer (and the dreaded judgement from the Realtor happens tomorrow too). Somehow I haven't lost that much strength during my 9 month break. In the mirror, I could actually see the muscles popping up under the coat of flab I have. I also spent some time stretching (had taken a break from that too).

Clean up continues even less enthusiastically. Hopelessness is setting in. I just can't make some things look good. Meanwhile Steve isn't worried in the least and looks forward to the move.
If a house doesn't look nice inside, who gets the blame? Just like child raising....blame the mama. Dad gets a pass.


Elephant's Child said...

Sigh, on the cleaning/decluttering/packing front. Good luck with the Realtor tomorrow.
At the moment I am yearning towards your image rather than your niece's.

Lisa said...

Unfortunately we don't get to put the cancer card down. That's the part that people don't really understand.


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