Friday, January 9, 2015

Running in circles

My upstairs hallway for the moment (will be down soon) is full of black and white prints, half of which are of me as a toddler. Many were taken from by my father who printed his own black and white 16x20s in his darkroom. The middle photo was given to me by my ex-boss who was an 'artistic' photographer with quite a reputation having shows across the country. He also printed his own stuff. The scene pictured is Liberty Street about 20 years ago in Ann Arbor. My father and my boss knew each other (photography world is small). My father dismissed my boss as being too 'artsy fartsy'. They had quite different audiences. My boss's prints hung in galleries; my dad sold negatives to stock photography houses. Which was more profitable? Probably my father's side business.

All needs to be boxed up.

Yesterday I ran around the track at the Y before going to the Livestrong class where we worked on balance and muscle strength. A woman who has taken the class for several years with me finally talked to me: she wondered what I called my variety of locomotion. Power walking?  Very bad form running but I guess it may be closer to fast walking. Once I lose the weight, I will concentrate more on form I guess.

I found an office park nearby that had cleared sidewalks. It felt almost toasty at 12 degrees (as opposed to the last few days). Too much snow on the streets to run but I made 5 minute a piece circles around this office building. Round and around. Inner nag quieted.

When my grand dog Sunny the German Shepard was just a pup, we often went over to relieve her as her owners worked. One evening, I decided to have a snack on the patio keeping her inside as she would jump all over me as I ate. She leaped repeatedly at the patio door managing to lock it. Just great, my purse, with keys and cellphone were inside. Fortunately the garage door was open so I could get back in (usually closed). Today Sunny was up to her old tricks. Julie went outside for some reason and Sunny leaping at the door locked her out. We were called to let her back in (we have keys). Unfortunately for her, I was out running and Steve was out shoveling. The other Grandma, much closer, has keys too and rescued her. She had to leave work to do it.

Tomorrow a contractor comes to let us know what he can do with our house.


Elephant's Child said...

The woman from your class is making my hackles rise on your behalf. You are out there, doing it, and will work on the stylistics when/if the time is right for you.
Good luck tomorrow.

jadek said...

You are moving and that is the important thing! I'm always impressed by your dedication to getting in your running and bike rides. Keep up the good work Sue!

I struggle with my now bigger than ever self, but try not to beat myself up too much. I love to eat good food, drink wine, read, laugh, watch TV etc and don't want give anything up. I admire your dedication to fitness.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Thanks Kathy though from your photos, you have a ways to go before you attain my massive proportions. I fall into that weird category 'healthy obese'. Good blood values, blood pressure, cardiovascular system..I've read that many of us convert to the unhealthy side within 10 years. Thus I am trying to do something about it though truth be told, mainly my vanity is involved. I want to look good for a wedding in 5 months. So far no alcohol this year though I will let myself have a glass or two when I entertain tomorrow and maybe tonight when I go out for dinner.

BTW I have been really enjoying your photos of your chickens, gardens, house remodeling projects, etc.


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