Monday, January 26, 2015

Double birthday

Birthday cupcake and birthday pie for Oliver and Steve. Tess is giving Grandpa some help

Daniel busy with his Wii games

I liked the light on Maya

Naomi fixing a dubious Tessa's hair

Tessa and Maya playing house
What better present can you get for your 55th birthday than a first grandchild?. I took off early one morning with rare good weather on my 750 mile race to see Oliver born crossing customs twice to get to Boston with a car full of baby supplies. To keep myself awake, I listened to Italian language tapes. As it turned out, though I arrived in plenty of time, at the last minute a C-section was performed but I did get to see him within his first 10 minutes of life ex-utero.

We celebrated the 2 birthdays yesterday though Steve and I went out tonight. It was fun watching the 5 grandbabies interact.

I didn't do much packing today. I baby sat for part of the day. Tomorrow  by this time,  we will have 3 properties. l the money has been wired to the title company. We were told that the signing will take less than 20 minutes. Julie cancelled her business trip to NYC because she did not want to become stuck there. Today would not have been a good day to drive to Boston. 2.5 feet of snow is forecasted. Better them than us.

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Elephant's Child said...

Happy birthday to them. They look gorgeous.


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