Friday, January 30, 2015


This Lalique work is called Suzanne from the Corning Glass Museum
Lots of cool stuff there. We stopped by after Daniel's birth in 2009 but didn't have time to see anything aside from the gift shop (very nice selection of things) since we spent the earlier part of the day in Cooperstown (Baseball Hall of Fame) I had passed on that and spent my time reflecting on Glimmerglass, the native word for Lake Otsego (Last of the Mohicans). According to the website, I just missed the Lalique exhibit
Tympanostomy is the procedure that describes the insertion of tiny tubes in ones eardrum to drain the inner ear. Allie was subjected to this first thing today. It is generally recommended after 5 ear infections: Allie during her brief time on this earth, has had 10. Often the ear infections persist even while on antibiotics though ear infections can be viral. She even had several sessions with a chiropractor to 'align her sinuses' (I did not approve...hate when chiropractors overstep their expertise). Guess what? That didn't work. Due to constant fluid in her ear, she has failed some hearing tests. A bunch of vile fluid drained out today during the procedure. She is crabby right now.

Today some potential movers come today for an estimate. Hopefully it won't be nearly as high as previous ones. Some disagreements here concerning what should be in the new house. I did get permission to throw out 35 years of income tax handouts and numerous medical plan descriptions for plans we haven't had in 30 years.

Cold, icy and windy...not too inviting for a run. I will wait until after the movers come. I did lift lots of weights at the Y yesterday.

Hopefully this smile will be back soon:


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Elephant's Child said...

I really, really hope the Tympanostomy is a lasting solution. I suspect I would be grumpy after it too. Very grumpy.


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