Saturday, January 24, 2015

Orange and Blue

Oil pastel Josh made in middle school. Matched our room
This stained glass piece has an oak frame. Got it at an art fair and of course it matches

Should this wallpaper go? Despite its age, its in perfect shape and might be expensive to remove The blue is more navy blue than the light blue this photo suggests

At some point I will discuss my peach, eggplant and mint green bedroom.
So many decisions. As I type, new sinks and faucets are being put in. Most of the stuff is off our walls (and yeah, we have lots of stuff). It is almost warm enough to run without breaking my neck on the ice.

Moms night was fun last night. Good times.

And if I didn't have more pressing issues, I wasted time fixing up some of my very old photos of Italy.Below is from a church in Vittorito, Abruzzo. The frescos presumably were made about 500 AD as is the statue of St. Biagio. Italians love to exaggerate.


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Elephant's Child said...

I suspect I would leave the wall paper. Expensive, and messy and time consuming to remove.
Love Josh's work.


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