Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Closing Day

All of these photos are from around Chipping Camden

Cotswold Way

Later this afternoon, we will have our own house out in the country. We have a walk through an hour before closing but as their stuff will still be there, not much point in that. We have questions to ask though. Their moving van will be gone sometime this Sunday. When will we be in? Who knows...but the window people will be here in 2 weeks so sometime before then.

The number one comment to me is Aren't you excited!?! Even Steve asks me that. He clearly is.  I guess I am acting like a giant buzz kill and need an attitude adjustment. It will be nice to have a clean, pretty house. I will enjoy my jetted tub. I will enjoy coffee on the porch and seeing what flowers pop up. I will enjoy my fire pit and waterfall.

The charity people will come here Saturday. Hopefully they will take all that we give them.

Usually Tuesday afternoon is my time at the Y. I went early today. Unfortunately The Most Unpleasant Man was there. My times haven't intersected with his for a while. He will sit on the most desired pieces of equipment between sets and read the paper while picking his nose. I managed to use the equipment I most wanted to before he came but just seeing him again set me on edge.

I can't believe 5 inches of snow shut down NYC. Good thing Julie didn't go as most restaurants and stores are closed. She'd just be sitting in her hotel room. Boston though has much more impressive snowfalls though.


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Elephant's Child said...

Hopefully you will be less overwhelmed and can enjoy your new home.
Loved the Cotswold photos. Thank you.


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