Saturday, January 10, 2015

Chain reaction

All of the above are from the Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids a few years back during the Chihuly exhibit. Leonardo's horse is one of only 2 full size horses cast from da Vinci's original plans. though there are smaller (than 24 foot) versions. The other horse is in Milan where da Vinci wanted the horse in the first place, which again, I missed. Today in the NYT, there was a list of must see places in the world. Milan was on top. Hmmm...I disagree.

But all is blanketed under lake effect snow. Michigan made the national news yesterday due to  chain reaction massive traffic accidents during white out conditions. The most impressive was a 200 car pile up in the Western (aka snowy) part of the state. One of the trucks involved carried massive amounts of fireworks which exploded all at once during the accident caught on tape. Surprisingly only one fatality despite the number of cars totaled. Nearby we had a 30 car pile up that killed one person. It was sunny in Ann Arbor but as soon as drivers left the city limits, total white out resulting in the accident. In both accidents, the large number of semi trucks involved made things worse. It seems that most winter fatalities always involve semis. Thus if the weather is bad and I have to drive, I stay off the freeways. True the chances of a fender bender are much higher but no semi will flatten me. I didn't leave the house except by foot and hoped the kids would drive carefully if they were out. Josh said the roads were the worst he's seen this season (we did get a pass for most of December).

And our kitchen pipes were frozen this morning...good morning to us though it will warm up such that I might get a run in.

What am I doing on this computer when there is so much to be done? A contractor comes in a couple of hours to go over what he can do.

Is Steve packing? he who wanted this move so much? Nah....

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Elephant's Child said...

I do love Chihuly glass. We had an exhibition of his work here some years back and we went twice. And loved it as much both times.
Perhaps you need to stop packing any of Steve's things. Or things he is particularly fond of...


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