Saturday, January 3, 2015


I'm about done for now with Naomi's old room. Those wastebaskets to the right of the bed? Filled  to the brim with beanie babies. The biggest bucket was uncovered in Josh's closet yesterday

Marbles from my childhood. Steelies, aggies.... My recesses  were spent playing marbles. We also made elaborate chutes from shoe boxes. I think we were the last generation to play with marbles.

Marbles....I think I am losing them..... The more I clean out, the more it seems needs to be done. This is not fun, not one bit. I at least got a two day reprieve as the realtor won't come until Wednesday afternoon versus Monday. We also got a closing date and a possession date. In less than a month, the house will be ours.The kids were all here yesterday removing what they want and throwing away the stuff they don't want. My waste not, want not feelings deeply embedded made me cringe to see so much stuff go but it needs to. Steve meanwhile seems resistant to paring down anything but at least he stopped looking closely at what was being carted away. If the kids ever asked if he wanted to keep a given object, the answer was always yes. Josh still has a few more things to remove.
I would so much like to go for a run but the roads are covered in ice. I did get a quick run in yesterday before I babysat Tess and Daniel. The usual snowfall here for December is 9.5 inches. Last month, we got less than half an inch. But it looks like our luck has worn out.

Below are my ice covered barberry bushes


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Elephant's Child said...

You are making me cringe as I consider what is hiding in every cupboard, box and corner in our over-crowded home.
Love those Barberry bushes - a new one to me.
Good luck.


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