Sunday, January 18, 2015

Low key Sunday

Steve and I went out for lunch with Allie and Josh. The other grandma made this hat

Cool building I found in my photofiles I am trying to condense. I believe it is on the Plaza Major in Madrid

Morro Rock on the central coast of CA. Falcons live on top of the Rock, an ancient volcano
I am having such difficulty getting motivated for this move. Went through the bathroom cabinets finding lots of toothbrushes, soaps, etc. So much needs to be done and I am stalling....I need to watch some of those hoarder shows in which the hoarder clings to each piece of trash and you just want to slap them through the screen. We got some new faucets installed yesterday so no more drips outside with the hose and in the laundry room. Housing prices have risen 9.8% in the city of Ann Arbor since last year. Hope it does not take long to sell this house.

I ran early in the slush today so I would be ready to go out for brunch with Josh and Allie early.

Yesterday, I delivered a bag of stuff to Shanna including all her awards through the years, greeting cards specifically addressed to her (I threw out Josh's as I know that's what he would immediately do..what to do with all his weights?)and photos that she took on her trips. In high school, she was lucky to spend 3 weeks in France and then went to Israel right after she graduated from college. I was almost 50 before I was able to go overseas.

9 days to closing....

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Elephant's Child said...

I so feel for you. Such an overwhelming time...


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