Wednesday, January 28, 2015

When I was very young...

My 3 year old brother

Didn't seem like my hair ever got combed

me and a door in Hammondsport NY

A tree and me

My grandmother's funeral in 1960 on the terraces of my grandfather's house just outside Ann Arbor. This photo is transposed as the garage is on the right side not on the left.

Maybe I am 7 or 8

My brother

My brother is 4 years younger than me

When I was 6, we went to Florida

One of those dots is me in Florida

My best friend is on my frenemy on the right Again my hair needed washing and combing
Found lots of slides today buried in boxes. We have a slide reader, only good for 35 mm. Unfortunately many of the transparencies are 2 1/4 sq. The colors are now quite funky but I haven't seen some of these before

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Elephant's Child said...

A treasure trove. I think the only early photos of me show me naked, clutching my bottle, an apple and the dog's (a large German Shepherd) lead.
I love the determination in your face standing at the top of what I think is a slide (slippery dip here).


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