Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Jawbone

Now I have nicely shaped coral nails. Effective use of my time getting a mani/pedi?
Probably not. My feet were worked on for an hour straight while I was in the massage chair
I am finished for the time being scrubbing things (hard on nails)..just need to sort and pack
An important factor in potential weight loss is increasing energy expenditure. Yesterday I discussed decreasing intake, very hard for me as I just seem to want so much food. Maybe I can increase my exercise time? In the summer, that is easy..take longer and longer bike rides but the weather is limiting that. Since I was 'retired', I have much more time to exercise. Almost a year was spent dealing with cancer and its aftermath. My appetite recovered faster than my energy level partially contributing to this sorry body I have now. But when I am not exercising, I am much more sedentary than when I was working where I was on my feet quite a bit of the time.  There was some down time as I was doing research, preparing reports, and my least favorite, being at meetings (more and more as time went on). Also food wasn't readily available. I would bring in what I wanted for lunch but I didn't have time usually to make the very long walk to the cafeteria. So I rarely overate during the day. Food now is much too available. I did rid the house of sweets.

I now have a Jawbone, this black band on my wrist that monitors my activity based on how much I move my arms. It also has a sleep mode which monitors my sleep quality based on how much I do or do not toss and turn. So far, it does not seem very accurate: it gives me way too much credit when I run. Perhaps my arms are moving faster than my legs? On the one time I wore it on an 1.5 hour bike ride, it said I was completely inactive as I never had to put my feet on the ground or move my arms.

But it does show that beyond my exercise time, I am not moving around too much.

It seems to be more accurate in its sleep mode. It can tell how much I am awake and whether I am sleeping soundly or lightly. Bottom line: I am in bed too much and have very little deep sleep to show for it. Yet during the day, I rarely nod off.
There is also an app associated with it that tracks food intake. I'm not ready to do that yet but if I am serious once and for all in claiming my body, I might have to use it.

Below is me during my triathlon days. Is that body still buried inside of this flab coat?

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Elephant's Child said...

I am sure that body is still there. Good luck in the excavation process.
You are stirring me into doing something about my own sadly overladen body.


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