Sunday, July 20, 2014

What happens in Frankfort, stays in Frankfort

This was the pier to the lighthouse in late April: lots of snow with iceballs floating in the water. I did swim in the water.

View of the dunes from the pier

Less than a few minutes later, clouds suddenly rolled in

petosky stone fish

Love the mural

Too lazy to get this right. There are hop farms nearby that were in my first choice: Leelanau Pale Ale
Our best day I think: Just 46 miles from Mesick to Frankfort. Comfortable, no winds, out right beautiful. They opened up Crystal Mountain Ski Resort for us, full of gardens. For $4, you could take a chair lift to the top of their mountain and then take a high speed sled down a chute. The sleds had brakes, which I would have used the whole way down. However, the chairlift scared me more. Then our perfect lunch on a pier in Beulah, then the ride along Crystal so pretty and into Frankfort, which is surrounded by the Betsie River, Betsie Lake and Lake Michigan.
Before dinner, an afternoon at the beach and a walk to the lighthouse. The epitome of a perfect summer day. After dinner we returned to downtown to Stormclouds to drink with a bunch of rowdy male Michiganders. It was fun, lots of flirting going on especially with one of them whose name I forgot 5 minutes after hearing it. Time went by, more drinks for us and then things took a strange turn.

This is how this went down.

You know I never did this before. I know you are married and I am married but let's.....

At that point I interrupted.

This is NOT going to happen.

Though I do wonder about the plan. My tent or yours? And our tents are packed together like sardines.

Drunk Sue was flattered and felt young again. How long has it been since I've been an object of desire even though it took lots of alcohol? Yep lots of flattery going on. What one will say to get into your saddle sore pants. I should have remembered .

Sober Sue was appalled. What could he have been thinking? And he wouldn't even look at me for the rest of the trip.

But an interesting night.

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Elephant's Child said...

Smiles. And perhaps the alcohol gave him the courage to say things his sober self had often considered.
Without it seems any consideration of the practicalities.


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