Monday, July 28, 2014

dragon boats and jellyfish

Technically NOT dragon boats but tourist pedal boats similar to the swan boats in the Boston Common. These things were all over the harbor. In the foreground, a famous submarine responsible for saving lots of lives. The harbors were full of these historical ships
(It is a day later and I am trying to edit all the stuff I couldn't do on the poorly designed Blogger ap with a real computer..can not get rid of those lines!!!!!)

We walked along the harbor to Little Italy for an excellent dinner and then back to the house for another round of catching up 

While some of these jellies swam right side up, most were upside down. Jellies are fun to see in tanks, but not pleasant to swim through as I have found out numerous times. Also they are signs of an unbalanced eco system. Fertilizer runoff cause them to bloom and take over.

Focus Sue, Focus!!!! Of course, I didn't have Steve to trail behind me taking photos with the 'good ' camera so sadly lots of my attempts are not as good as they should be
Looks like the milky way, right? Lots of tiny, pulsating creatures opening and closing their umbrella bodies. Largest were the size of a nickel.
Smaller versions of these I have swam through and have been stung by. If you are in the water with them, you can not see them at all unless you look on the water/air interface, but you certainly feel them.
love these parachute type (they all had names but I didn't write them down) 
Extremely large sea turtle with a normal sized scuba diver (he's feeding the fish) conveniently swimming by for scale
Where's Nemo? There he is!!
Anemones. Usually my favorite. This is where the Shedd aquarium of Chicago(and almost every other aquarium) outshines them by far.

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Elephant's Child said...

Isn't marine life incredible? And beautiful. Some of it the stuff of science fiction - but amazing.


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