Saturday, July 5, 2014

The inspection

backsplash and quartz counter

dining room chandelier

I do like the dining room rug.. not sure if the owners are taking it

Not sure if the hallway fixture is my style

living room/family room from the balcony. I like this room
The inspection took  2 hours. Lots of downtime as he checked out each socket. He only found minor issues but the biggest issue, he wasn't equipped to study. Presumably we will get a written report concerning that issue 'soon'. This is the biggest drawback about the house. Things have to be signed off quickly. I did check to make sure the Jacuzzi works. He went to look where the well was located using, I kid you not, a divining rod. We will see if he's correct. While he and Steve were off studying this and that, I tried to figure out how I could make some of our existing furniture work. Yes I can picture us living there. It is a pretty house with lots of light. Our existing house is rather dark. We added a sky light to bring some light in, but not enough for my tastes. The yard is very pretty though some of the flower beds need some weeding done. Josh and Julie took Allie to Naomi's swimming pool. She liked it. Then they went to retrieve me from the new house as Steve was not finished.
Meanwhile, Allie I enjoying her pea/carrot combo
This morning was beautiful: cool and sunny so I could run and bike. Yesterday I tried to ride the bike but I could barely move the pedals. Then I noticed it was in 24th gear (top gear). Thank-you Josh for that. For all of my riding around here, I stick to the middle chain ring (gears 9-16). Up north, I need the first chain ring (granny gears as they are called) to get up some of those hills. I haven't used the top chain ring in a while. Maybe if I am going downhill or have a strong tailwind..

My road bike has no granny gears making steep hills a challenge. When I was young, I just stood on the pedals but those days are gone. And very disappointing, I seem to be actually slower on this bike than the old one though I am a lot more comfortable.

In my spare time, I try to prepare for the move. It is daunting! And I have a full schedule this week!

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Looks good - but doesn't have a fraction of Allie's charm.


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