Wednesday, July 9, 2014


The library with conjunction with the Leslie Science Center, some how gets a hold of cecropia eggs, which hatch into little larvae, which grow into bigger larvae, form cocoons all for library visitors to watch over time. They have 3 moths now.

Bright red feet. You can see Maya through the glass

After the storytime, the kids have free play. Maya and Oliver spend it making towers

Tuesdays are Storytime at the local library. I've been taking Maya for at least 2 years (until she had school at the same time). Shanna brings her kids and the cousins enjoy playing with each other. Maya is very excited when I pick her up eager to go to familiar surroundings and see the cousins but she is so painfully shy.  Although she promised to be brave this time, she sat next to Shanna petrified and refused to participate. She did eagerly play with Oliver afterwards.
They give prizes for reading books. Shanna's kids already got theirs. And the cocoons have blossomed into adult cecropia moths; my second favorite moth. (First would be the luna moth though I do like the hummingbird moths I get in late summer). My father loved to photograph them. I am not sure how he came across them. Maybe they are more common in upstate New York where we lived as I have only come across one in the wild here and I am outside a lot.
The house: I have accepted that we may not get it though I've been told the seller's are highly motivated to make this deal work. As the much needed reports did not come in on time for us to remove the inspection contingency (and still not here!!!), it has been extended. And we haven't even began the bargaining process on what we want done for this to work though they have asked for a heads up to get started, which is fair. At any rate, it's que sera, sera.

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Elephant's Child said...

What a brilliant library iniative. And I love that moth - so very beautiful.
Fingers and toes crossed on the house issues. You must be sooooo over this.


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