Friday, July 4, 2014

The Sisyphean task of downsizing

Allie seemed to like nectarines. She would make a face because it was cold and a bit sour then dive right back into it

The blue bottle cattails look good with the day lilies

We went downtown last night to celebrate the house at a fondue place

Interesting downtown door
Pedantics might note that buying a house that is 50% larger is hardly downsizing especially since the storage area is a good 300% more. However I don't relish moving 31 years of stuff. If we do just a bit at a time, perhaps the move won't be so onerous. Accomplishments of the day, emptying dirt filed hanging baskets to recycle. Going through drawers filling 3 big garbage bags of stuff. Steve's contribution? Recycling several years of a weekly magazine (the magazine that I hate the most).

Just recently even more development plans to strangle our golden egg laying goose. 500 new homes a mile away that will use the road behind our house. This is on top of the new condos 1.5 miles away feeding the same road. Ugh. The new house is in the greenbelt surrounded by farmland that can't be developed so that is good. According to this developer, the two hottest addresses in the state are Ann Arbor and Northville (from where Julie came).

A pretty day for a bike ride and little traffic. I turned on the GPS on the iphone. 10.00 miles on the odometer translated to 10.09 miles by GPS which confirms the odometer reads low though not by much. I kept it on for the duration of my trip (this really sucks a lot of battery life) 22.10 miles by odometer was 22.22 by gps which is not in proportion. Maybe I had to weave around potholes more on the way back? I am not sure how often the satellites monitor my position. I assume it would be more accurate if I took a straight versus curvy path.

Until certain issues are resolved, the house is not a done deal. Our big inspection is tomorrow.

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Elephant's Child said...

Love the blue bottle installation. Quirky - and fun.
Somewhere we have a video of my partner's nephew (aged about two) biting into an orange. Repeatedly. The orange hadn't been peeled, but he kept trying.
And is still a very persistent person.


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