Thursday, July 3, 2014

Unter den Linden

Tessa watching the clouds go by in her backyard
Ah summer! Last night we sat in the cool evening next to a firepit roasting marshmallows under a linden tree in full bloom. So fragrant! Fireflies, deer, hummingbirds, so nice. Summer is going by so fast. And so much is coming up.

Steve and I have been watching Allie for the past 3 days while Josh and Julie celebrated their first anniversary Up North. The other grandma had night duty. Yesterday we had company; Shanna brought her kids over and we walked the half mile or so up the hill to the park (a playground is being built in Josh's neighborhood close by but it's not done). Lots of barn swallows and killdeer. The barn swallows near Josh's house last year attacked him and their dog but these in the picnic shelter left us alone. The 4 babies were hidden until the mom swooped in for the feeding. Very graceful birds. The playground had two swirly things that the kids hadn't seen before. Unfortunately, the spinning bowl terrified both Daniel  and Tessa. Allie was happy enough to be in the Baby Bjorn on the way there and the swings.

I haven't got much bike riding in between babysitting and rain. Tomorrow, no excuse.

Daniel on the twirly bowl before it went out of control

Josh and Julie on Old Mission Pennisula

The rocking hippo

Barn swallow nest. You can barely make out the baby heads

Some of my friends and me on my friend's deck. My out of control hair will be dealt with next week

Allie enjoying her ride there


Elephant's Child said...

I am not a fan of summer (my least favourite season) but with fireflies, deer and hummingbirds... Oh my. Magic.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Given that your 'summer' is the cold season, I wouldn't like it either. And your beautiful birds that I am gradually learning from you the names, how lucky are you to have them!

I assume no fireflies in Oz? There are none west of the Rockies in the US.

Elephant's Child said...

Our summer is HOT. And my MS loves it - so I am not a fan. We are in winter here, and it is crisp and cool and beautiful.
And no, no fireflies. Something I have read about for years, and would love to see.


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