Friday, July 25, 2014

Running around Maryland

Pretty  mosaic statue in front of Rockville library
 Just a few blocks away, across Western Avenue lies the state of Maryland.  At the last minute, I was grabbing maps for all the states I might drive in on this trip: Ohio, PA, DC, even West Virginia but I forgot Maryland, the one I'd spend the most time in. Fortunately today I found buried on the car's floor a map for Montgomery county so yay!

I have been parking every morning at the Bethesda pool right next to the Capital Crescent and running south back into DC. Today I ran north but a tunnel was blocked in downtown Bethesda and I couldn't figure out how to get back on the trail so no Chevy Chase.

We were supposed to go to Charlottesville VA today but had a late start. They have a lot of crepe myrtle there and it's supposed to be pretty. Some how we ended up in Rockville to see their revitalized downtown which these photos are of. Only 60 degrees and not humid. DC polar vortex. I go to see my high school friend in The burbs of MD tomorrow. It has been so nice here sitting in the screened porch just catching up so I don't mind the down time after so much activity on the week before.

Light sculpture downtown Rockville

This sculpture outside the courthouse in 200 years old
The map of the trail. I would begin my runs somewhere in the middle of the arc and head south. On this day, I headed north but was blocked.

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Love that statue - quirky fun.


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