Tuesday, July 8, 2014

bald babies

The most bald baby at 13.5 months

At 10 months or a bit older (but considerably smaller) than Allie
Recently Allie visited with  her other Grandpa's neighbor, a Peruvian lady. Ah, a bald baby! You are so lucky!
She went on to say that her 3 daughters were born with plenty of hair but having bald babies was so important to her (and I assume her culture) that she shaved their heads! As an added bonus, this is to promote thicker hair as they grow up. Indeed, her twin teenage daughters appeared with very thick braids running down their backs.

I couldn't quite imagine any one doing that. I was sad when Shanna cut off Daniel's beautiful curls (too many..what a pretty girl! comments). Tessa's hair was growing in irregularly. Some locks stretched to the middle of her back whereas most of the hair was at her shoulders. Could I even it up?
Well it looks really cute now and I think she will have thick hair without having it shaved off.

I believe Allie has more hair than Maya did at the same age. But Allie's growth, one inch in back, is almost transparent, a pale strawberry blonde that is almost identical to her skin tones. Maya's darker fuzz stood out more. In the sun, Maya's skin has become darker while her hair has become lighter with red streaks running through it.

Josh was my baldest baby but by the time he was in 9 months, thick blonde hair started to grow in very quickly. Naomi was born with quite a bit of dark red hair that turned orange by the time the summer was over.

Today is D-Day in which we provide a list of conditions to the sellers. I am having to accept we might not get the house though our requests (demands) would be what any diligent buyer would want, particularly if a bank was involved. And more annoying, our agent has ignored my e-mail.
It will pour yet again. Time for an early morning run before the deluge.

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Elephant's Child said...

Good luck on the house front. And awww to the bald cuties.


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