Monday, July 7, 2014

Oh Chaat!

White callas bloomed today. Behind it is a pink Asiatic lily

lots of red yarrow

Chaat are tasty Southern Indian snacks. There is a chaat place near Shanna's next to the nail place (I now have pretty coral nails) where I had some chaat for lunch after my mani/pedi. I am more familiar with Northern Indian restaurants, which are probably Pakistani with their tandooris, etc. No meat at a chaat place. In the same mall, along with an Indian grocery, there is Curry  Pizza.

Buying a house is very stressful. Tomorrow we have to remove the contingency about the inspection results or give them an addendum detailing what we want done. Hard to do when their agent is withholding information. As of now, things do not look good. We did get the radon results, not good. But then we finally got their disclosure statement. Either they checked off boxes without reading them or are deceitful. One minor example: is there agricultural activity in the vicinity? Answer : No. Reality, less than tenth of a  mile away there is an organic farm whose property abuts the neighborhood. To me that is a selling point. But when all I receive is vague, teenager like responses like when will I get the well report (later) when will I get the septic field report (soon), my trust is eroded. And just like when I used to ask teenagers in my care when they intend to clean their room, do their homework, etc and got similar responses, I get irritated and crabby.

Last night, my big concern was not annoying the sellers so much with my many demands that they would go to the back-up buyer. Now I don't care. If the other buyer is willing to live not knowing about radon, the water and the septic field, yay for them.

Steve and I are in agreement so that's good.

As for the pitfalls of vague language, my friend and I agreed to 'get together' last night to organize for our big ride. Each of us interpreted this to mean at each  other's house. Steve was surprised to find her at our doorstep when I said I was going  over to her house. I do look forward to our ride. It will be in a very pretty area. And it was fun making our plans.

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Elephant's Child said...

Love your attitude. Good luck - and I hope the aggravation disappears soon.


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