Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Birthdays and beginnings

Ms Maya at 2 days next to Daniel at 10.5 months
Love his thighs

Maya and her multicolored hair extensions and new tutu with her birthday cake and mama

A small orchid that I got for Allie's birth in bloom again. Josh laughed at it because everyone else sent gigantic floral arrangements and this was so tiny. But the fancy arrangements were soon in the trash and we have this 9 months later
Today is both Maya's and my step-niece's birthday. We celebrated after a day spent with Allie while her parents take a mini-vacay in Traverse City. I will be staying there myself in a few weeks but in a tent (still need to waterproof!)

So our offer was accepted late last night. All offers had to be in by 3 pm. Ours was put in last so as to not tip the other bidders. Throughout the day, I received pleas to up the offer or I'd lose the house. I did agree to be super-flexible about the closing but I wasn't budging about the money. How long does it take to figure out the best offer? I assumed 5 minutes. And not hearing that we got it as the evening wore on indicated that we weren't going to get it. I was OK with that. There are other houses out there and I could have a relaxing summer. But then we got the call..

Still there is the inspection. There is a one big problem I know about (and some promise to fix it) and a minor problem. There may be other problems I haven't considered. But in early August (actually before but the owners will rent from us until then) the house will be ours.

So my usual coping mechanism is to be far removed from the situation. I do think this will work out. We've been thinking about this for years. Steve just wants to move, not caring much where but I have very specific criteria. I had my eyes on this area for some time and then Thursday, a magic sign appeared....

The house is not perfect. There are some cosmetic issues  but parts of it are stunningly beautiful and rest could be. I guess if it were absolutely perfect, we couldn't afford it so that's where its investment potential comes in.

Allie as she gets older is much easier to entertain. She hardly fussed at all. Very cheerful and a bright little girl (though according to the pediatrician, she is off the charts with her size. She has such beautiful, sparkly eyes and very eager to learn new tricks and show off the ones she knows. While she napped, I took a long run on the nearby bike trail. It had cooled considerably (after very severe storms last night). The trail goes through wetlands extra buggy this year so that part wasn't fun.

Then home to celebrate Maya's 4th birthday. Time passes so fast.

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Elephant's Child said...

Congratulations. Some hard work ahead - but lots of excitement too.
And Maya and Daniel are gorgeous.


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