Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cookie Beach

Window display in Annapolis
Yesterday we took a trip to the County office of wells and septic fields where all the information on every property with these is kept. Piles of reports were given to us about Moose and Squirrel. A very knowledgeable interpreter was on hand to translate. Most interesting was the 20 year old soil feasibility study, 7 years before the house was built. Yep there is the clay common to our area but ten feet under is pure sand, good for fields. Bottom line: a new field would solve all of M and S's issues. We were ready to pursue this house yet again but no, they accepted the back-up offer and it probably will go through leaving me very sad and angry at our realtor for not having us go to this office in the first place. (he didn't know about it though he keeps telling us about all his years of experience. He should have asked someone in his office that knew).

We drove by Steve's idea of a back-up house, which fit some of my criteria. One issue: I do not want to hear the expressway. He insisted that one could not hear it. Well maybe he can't but I sure could. This is someone who could never hear the invasion of the chimney swifts twittering away in our chimney night and day.

And later, a series of little incidents, too embarrassing to recount, added to this big disappointment and resulted in a big pity party for Sue with just me attending. Despite my occasional online whining, I usually am in a good mood and not the least depressed so I was surprised about my reaction. I do feel better today so yay for that.

And the very last of the trip photos, I promise:

Most of the following are from the National Gardens trip

Town square in Rockville: while Soulmate was off buying shoes, I sat in the shade talking to Josh about a big decision in their lives though a few days later, things are going to remain the same for them

Ruskin, my early morning companion. He is very aloof as dogs go but still wanted to be where I was keeping ten feet away at all times. I have no photos of my MD friend's two cockapoos who definitely were not aloof. I wish I had a video of the early morning feeding frenzy that would ensue. All their food would be gone in 15 seconds. Never saw this before.

View from my window at Soulmates. Red and lavender myrtle

Night time in Annapolis: Big Fat Crab sign obscured by glare (BFC almost describes me)



Holly said...

Don't you dare call my friend, Sue, a big, fat crab!!

jadek said...

Hi Sue,
Sorry about the real estate deal gone awry; we have had several experiences with real estate transactions in the last ten years and they have all been enough to make a saint crazy.
Glad you are feeling better now.

Your photos of the DC botannical gardens,attractions and plants in MD are lovely.
Thanks for sharing,
Kathy B

Elephant's Child said...

The photos are beautiful.
We are all entitled to a paddle in the pity pool from time to time - it is only a problem when it becomes a wallow.


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