Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winter exercising options

Steve and I in the winter of 1985 (I think) in our winter running clothes. I skip the clingy lycra these days.

They never plowed the neighborhood streets  after the 2 snowfalls we had more than 10 days ago. They remain icy sheets. However, the bikepath behind my house has been plowed and it leads to a road that is fairly clear so I've been able to run, when not battling that cold. I really don't care how cold it is as long as it is calm and dry. Some days this week, I was treated to 30 mph gusts giving a windchill near zero. Today was sunny and calm.
Next week, I can go to the Y twice a week for the Livestrong alumni class in which they work on the after effects of cancer treatment. Strength building  seems to be the main focus. I can use their aerobic equipment, pool or running track before and after class.

The snow is old right now but maybe I will give X-country skiing a try once we receive fresh snow. Right now, it is too icy.

We'll have Shanna's babies tonight as she and Ramy have fun together.

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