Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Google Images of Me

This is what you get:
And a bunch of other structures of things I made. There also is a structure of Taxol, which I did not make. There are no photos of me though some of my family. Strange.

And what are those things above good for? They are inhibitors of fatty acid amide hydrolyase (FAAH). The body makes several natural cannabinoids to deal with pan but they are quickly degraded by FAAH. The thinking is  if we inhibit these endogenous cannabinoids (which look completely different from the exogenous  cannabinoid THC, BTW), the body would be flooded with natural pain soothing chemicals. It worked in animals at least. Not sure where this project is now. Steve had gone to England for a month to make our candidate (structure NOT above) in huge quantities.

Freezing  rain: My least favorite aspect of winter. Yesterday we had it. Shanna lives on top of a steep hill (her husband parked at the base of the hill for safer exits) so there was no taking her van down that hill. Josh delayed going to work  for 2 hours but the roads still were glare ice. And one of our cars was totalled by a certain someone. The car was almost 10 years old so no big loss but it will not be up to us to replace it no matter what the hardship will be to the driver. His 4th accident with that car in less than a year!!!!!!

With the weather and the visit I did not get much opportunity to run so I was chomping at the bit. Even though it was above freezing, this ice still would not melt. Finally, just before dark, I went down to the river path where a small portion had been cleared. Back and forth; back and forth. But it felt good to be moving again.

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Holly said...

YOU are an intrepid exerciser!!


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