Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Last Real Christmas Tree

I finally got around to taking down the X-mas tree. Over the years, we have accumulated lots of ornaments. The glass ones were placed high above the reach of toddler hands. They did enjoy looking at some of them. Maya's favorite: a red silk flying horse given to me years ago by Soulmate.

  I had forgotten that the city no longer takes the trees so I guess that is an incentive to not getting a real one. Steve bought an artificial  one on quick sale. Still to be done: untangling the masses of lights.

Warm and sunny: almost spring. I went out bright and early sure that there would be a nice path to run on and almost broke my neck. I guess it had rained last night leaving black ice  even though I thought it was above freezing. Waited for the sun to do its magic and went out again later.

I resumed going to the Y again twice a week for its Livestrong Alumni Class. First we work out on weights and do something aerobic then we meet for group activities. Since it had been a while since I used the machines, all my muscles are now sore.

One of my long time readers just died this weekend. Cancer sucks.

While I was in treatment, I tried to look on the bright side. at least I don't have to worry about my 401K. Well I am alive so it has to be dealt with. We see someone tomorrow.

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