Tuesday, January 15, 2013


The kids all jockey for position on Shanna's lap. I chase down any escapees

A book that Shanna got for the boys showing landmarks of Brooklyn

B is also for Brighton Beach Boardwalk near where Steve grew up
I've been staying off this blog in the hope I would get a certain project done, which I finally did. I don't have all that much to do but I still put off the few things I need to do until the last minute.

Winter is back. I thought with all the rain we had Sunday then the freezing temps the next day, that the roads would be sheer ice. But they were dry so I could run without breaking my neck.

Even though it was close to 60 up north, Josh was able to ski since the snow base was so deep. He stopped by for a visit on the way home.
Shanna and I take the kids to story time at the local  library branch every Tuesday. Naomi gets a short break those days. They read stories and sing songs for a half hour and then the kids can play for another half hour. I have my LiveStrong class right after it so it's rush, rush , rush...

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Eileen@womaninthehat.com said...

My story is very similar to yours -- the treatment, triple negative... You have a beautiful family and so glad you escaped Cancerland. Me, too. At least, so far so good!


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