Saturday, January 26, 2013

Steve turns sixty

Steve appearing surprised when greeted by his bicoastal family the other night

Josh and Julie
Steve's sister and her husband and Steve's brother and his wife flew in from Seattle and NYC the other day to surprise Steve for his 60th birthday. Was he surprised? Who knows? But I am sure that he is genuinely touched and is enjoying the attention, love and laughter that comes with visit. The grandbabies get to enjoy their great aunts and uncles and our children adore their aunts and uncles. And everyone got to meet Julie.. Since the divorce is final, I guess I can announce that Josh has a significant other, Julie. Yep, he went from Julia to Julie.She is a vivacious, fun loving account manager for an internet advertising agency. Josh appears smitten. And as you can see, she is quite stunning.

It is in the middle of the night and I can't sleep, per usual. I think Steve's sister is in my alternate bed in Josh's room..not sure but I don't want to surprise her. Steve's brother and his wife are in Naomi's old room and at least Steve's brother-in-law, also a Steve is in our lower level 'suite'. They all were warned that Steve keeps the house way cooler than they are used to and brought long underwear. I bought an extra down blanket to keep the brother warm.

I really hated being without the internet most of the week. Things still aren't fixed. No Wifi for instance. Perhaps the router needs replacing. Who knows? Not the Comcast guy who was here for over an hour. Fortunately we have some computer experts staying with us. I did use my extra time to reorganize at least some small parts of the house. We hung at least fifty photos. And I cleaned out, at least partially, the lower level. Still lots more to be done.

 And it has been cold... seven below the other day. Fortunately  it was my Y day though walking up a half mile hill into a stiff wind wearing wet gym clothes with that cold was not fun. On the 'warm days' now defined as above ten, I ran. Cold snow is not as slippery as 'warm' snow. I didn't get to run yesterday due to too much snow and too little time. Today, the actual birthday, will be devoted to Steve and family activities. It is really fun having everyone here. Lots of interesting stories and laughter.

And it is not just Steve's birthday but also my oldest grandson's. Oliver is turning F-I-V-E. He requested Chuckie Cheese. Just five years ago, I was racing across the northern stretches of NY and a good chunk of Ontario hoping I wouldn't miss his birth. 750 miles. I did get there in time but just as Shanna was getting ready to push, the top of the head could not be felt. Yep someone should have checked for it way before. But all turned out well.

So today, sledding, Chuckie Cheese, the auto show  and then the big birthday dinner. But Steve already got his best present.....

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Teri Bernstein said...

Happy Birthday to Steve and Oliver, albeit belatedly. Enjoy your big family. It is good to see Josh's new girlfriend. Ahhhhh...


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