Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The CD House

Today in the bright sunshine, I drove out to the western edge of our county to my hairdresser's. I now have much shorter hair and the roots are gone. My hair is no longer a pile of straw.

The drive itself is interesting. I go by the buffalo, a llama farm, all sorts of country churches, mostly Lutheran..and the CD house. The latter is on a country road that I took last time. I was blinded by the shininess. The house was completely covered with CDs. I wish I had stopped to take photos then because today, the CDs were off the house and just on the tree. See photos below.

One of the churches advertised a Swiss steak dinner. I put Swiss steak in the same category as city chicken (actually pork or veal covered in musty cornmeal) and Salisbury steak...not going to eat it. Had enough of this stuff when I was young.

Later I went to my monthly Cooking for Survival class. This month's topic: Thai. Yum!
Factoid I learned today there: chevril is French for cilantro. (still going to check that out..don't believe it)

A CD bush

Typical Lutheran church

Ugh! I cut off the steeple. This church is not typical and was sort of standing all by itself. It looked pretty however

The tree with CDs. I swear, last fall this whole house was  covered with them.

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Teri Bernstein said...

those CDs are supposed to scare the birds away. I couldn't find the picture of your hair...which I am sure is gorgeous.


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