Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Pretty Babies

We all wear many hats. You are one person in one situation; another in another situation. While I was working,coaching sports teams, being a Girl Scout leader, involved in my endurance events, I think I wore more hats than most. Since I worked with mostly men, I left my proud mama personae behind. No one there wanted to hear me to gush about my pretty babies.

A lot of the work I did was relatively mindless meaning we could work and talk at the same time. One day, my lab mate said something about how most moms think their kids are cuter than average but the reality is that most kids look average. I said this may be true but in my case, my kids are much cuter than average (yeah..a real stupid conversation). I was told I was in no position to judge that as I am naturally biased.

Well Josh was just voted cutest boy in the 8th grade by the 8th grade girls. Are they biased?

I guess the argument is that kids are usually cute even though they may turn into average looking adults. And the person arguing with me is a good friend. He now gushes over everyone's kids no matter what they look like. It can't hurt.

Still relatively spring here. I will go to the Y though.

Steve went to the financial meeting by himself.

Aren't they cute?


Holly said...

You SHOULD be a proud mama...your three are beyond cute - they are simply adorable!!

Teri Bernstein said...

Indeed. VERY cute. And they are all attractive adults. Josh would still win a contest...and not only among 8th grade girls. Must be a good gene pool.


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