Thursday, January 24, 2013


Ah to have a computer again!!! Though it may be short lived. For instance, the router had to be disconnected to make this work. The computer guy was here for over an hour.

I've been taking this time away from the computer to reorganize my house after years of neglect. Above are photos from Maya's  doctor's visit yesterday. All is fine aside from her lack  of speech except her iron levels are now 12 when then should be 20 and over. Since she does seem to eat a good variety of things, the doctor thinks she may carry the sickle cell trait. Some of Don'tae's siblings do. He presumably does not but  perhaps his mother was confused on which kid has it and which does not. Or he is confused. She is 60%tile in weight and 70%tile in height.

A surprise is here in the works....

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Teri Bernstein said...

Have you researched the sickle cell possibilities? Nevertheless, I have NO WORRIES regarding the language markers, as my MOLLY is wise beyond her years at 20.5 years, and was an non-speaker at age 2.


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