Wednesday, January 30, 2013

TV Breast Cancer

So Parenthood had its season finale wrapping up several plot lines with happy endings particularly that of Kristina who was treated for BC that invaded her nodes. Big Drama: her liver enzymes were off ...could be liver mets. She can't consider going to Hawaii with her husband because she might be busy dying. But her liver scans were clear so her doctor told her that she was Cancer Free! Ah big relief. Again no doctor can ever truthfully tell you that you are cancer free. At best, there is no evidence of disease. and then he told her that after 5 years, then she will be truly cancer free. Maybe she had TNBC but with ER+, the risk of recurrence  is still there even after 10 years. And will Kristina have to take estrogen blockers? No mention of these though taking them doesn't play to the audience as well as losing the hair.

Reality check: Liver enzymes are often screwed up by chemo. Mine certainly were but no scans were suggested to see if I had liver mets.

And there was poor Sybil on Downton Abbey in childbirth  being attended by two doctors: one who was titled and got his medical degree probably by just buying it; the other someone who actually had a medical degree and experience but no title. Whose opinion matters most? Ah the one with the title. So Sybil went into eclampsia  dying of a seizure because Dad listened to the gentry. Delivery is the cure for eclampsia so  I was surprised that she died given that she was lucid for a bit after the delivery but seizures can occur even up to week after delivery. Now Tom really has a reason to hate the English gentry. Next step: burning down Downton.

We have a brief period of warmness. I didn't go my class yesterday because I wanted to run in the relative warmth. By the time I finished my baby sitting duties, torrential rains and lightning greeted me. The strikes seemed really close. I was left feeling really grumpy and put out because we' re stuck dealing with issues that really aren't ours. I tried to make up some of the miles today so I feel a lot better.

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Teri Bernstein said...

I thought the doctor on Parenthood was making pretty light of the fact that there were still several weeks of radiation to go for Kristina. Doesn't sound like the end of cancer treatment to me. Anyway, so many things were "tidied up" in that season finale that I would not be surprised if the whole show never came back...even though it is one of my favorites.


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