Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Rococo Bathroom

This is my latest project: the great hang up. We have framed quite a bit of stuff yet it remains in unhung piles. Steve's excuse? We will move and then we will just have to take everything down. From my grandmother, I inherited all this gilt frame stuff with porcelain pictures of what looks to be Marie Antoinette and her friends. Suffice it to say, this is not my taste. But do I throw it away? I put all the gold frame stuff in our lower bathroom, the one with the hideous wallpaper that I vowed to take down before we ever moved in...almost 30 years ago.

When Julia moved into our lower level for almost a year, I said that she could take down the garish wallpaper. She ripped down one thin strip and called it a day. ( I have since taped it back to the wall). This bathroom is on our list to be remodeled but until then (whenever that is), these bizarre pictures will have a home. Are they worth anything? Probably not. I took one of the oil paintings to an antique appraiser and he said the picture itself was worthless but the frame could be worth $100 or so. Steve loves to watch Antique Roadshow and has some fantasy that these porcelain paintings are actually valuable.

Still to hang up..lots of black and white 16x20s  that my father photographed and printed.

We had 50 mph gusts in the middle of the night which woke me up. Branches were hitting our house. A toasty 6 degree wind chill greeted me on my run this morning (yesterday was beautiful though..bright pink and red sunrise greeted me in the morning). Ah winter..this week will be cold, cold cold. Maybe in 6 weeks, we will start to have spring.

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