Saturday, July 16, 2011

What's the story, morning glory?

My garden in late summer a few years ago. How I hope my morning glories will look. Still have the same pot of salmon geraniums shown in the foreground though it is bigger now and has morphed into two big pots plus about 15 plants in my front garden from the cuttings

The left is my new bag of impatiens so now I have 4 bags. It doesn't look as nice as the ones I made myself but it cost only a bit more than an empty bag so it will be reused. I bought it to fill the hole left by me giving Naomi some flowers

California years past, my whole rock garden would be covered with these. I only have 4 plants this year

6 year old geraniums

A glass mobile that one of the moms gave me years ago but I only recently found while looking for something else. While the western sun sets, it sparkles

Small poppy. I really have bad luck with poppies. All my other poppies are dead

The salmon impatiens that now lives on Naomi's balcony. Hope it is being watered

Another gift from the Moms. I was thinking of putting it in my patio but it's getting very crowded
Some of this week has been training my numerous morning glory vines to go where I want. Each plant can grow more than 6 inches a day. The leaves are blocking the light of my carnations and zinnias so I've been pruning the leaves. How many blossoms have I seen with so many vines? One..only one and it was the less desirable small purple blossom. I prefer the large blue ones. I have no idea if I even have any of them as all my plants have seeded themselves. My patio is now fringed with the white cleomes that have seeded themselves. I tried to plant some pink ones but have yet to see evidence that they have grown. Also the cosmos seemed to have multiplied but at least their leaves don't kill my pretty bedding plants.

So this is partially how I spend my day along with a puzzle that I limit myself to a half hour. I love the mornings drinking my coffee that Steve has ready for me by the time I get up, doing my puzzle out with the hummingbirds surrounded by my flowers. I try to run at least 5 hours a week. The heat has made it necessary to do it as soon as I finish my coffee. I hate the middle of the night the most. This is when I find myself having a pity party or obsessing..what am I going to do about this or that. I have a huge pile of books I distract myself with.

I have gone shopping a lot this week buying a nice dress at this cute boutique in Ypsi for the rehearsal dinner and other occasions. It looks nice on me even though it was a splurge. I also bought some fancy sandals to go with it. I also bought quite a bit of other things too along with lots of clothes at the close out sales for Ms. Maya.

We (and I use the word loosely) have been making some improvements around here. We finally have a front door that locks for the first time in I don't know how long. The door knob fell off making it difficult to go in. The high humidity means we empty the dehumidifier every 12 hours of its 50 pints! I threw out more clothes that I would not wear even if I were thin nor would any one else. I have now comfortable running shoes. Maya learned to clap this week which according to the public health nurse, was a major concern. If she won't or can't imitate, she will be doomed.

I have been sad this week. My planned trips are becoming less of a reality though Steve has offered to go on them with me. Josh called me angrily yesterday about some minor dispute Julia is having with Naomi. I am not the one to call. Shanna's house purchase is in jeopardy. The inspection revealed numerous issues that the seller does not want to fix. They are at an impasse now. I want her to have a house. And the age old problem to wean Naomi from the Bank of Steve and Sue? And this wedding...

There was no fancy wedding for wedding dress. I catered the wedding myself with some help from my mom and my step-grandmother. My father's friend arranged for the venue. Steve's parents gave us a nice reception in Brooklyn which they probably could not afford. My now ex-friend did the flowers. No professional make-up and hair styling. No tiara. Steve and I have simple gold bands.

The other day, Naomi asked if I were glad she had Maya..a trick question. Of course I love Maya but so much is more complicated.

Josh called recently for me to research Salvador, Brazil where he will be this fall. Despite it being the third largest city and a major destination for Europeans, I had not heard of it. It does look interesting and has very nice soft sand beaches. Maybe he can take his mom...
The old city district from Wiki of Salvador


Holly said...

I am sorry that you are feeling so you know why???

Anonymous said...

hello Sue~ I pray you are healed from cancer. God loves you :) I prayed for you when I ran into your post, I was just looking for pics for morning glories, so beautiful!!!
Have you ever seen "Grandpa Ott" version....dark purple....glorious!! Hope you feel good, and I hope you enjoy the absolute beauty of nature. Hope a cute butterfly lands on your hand soon :)

Sincerely, Julie
(fellow gardener and amateur zoologist)

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Thanks Julie

I have since moved and have only one morning glory vine here. Not familiar with Grandpa Ott. I seem to be cancer free and healthy. I do enjoy nature.


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