Monday, July 25, 2011

Hummingbird imposter redux

Picture of a hummingbird moth that Steve took. From the side, it really looks like a small hummingbird with its long mouth parts but of course, hummingbirds do not have antennae.
In the past month alone, I have had 606 hits for my post last year "Hummingbirds and their imposters' in which I have a picture of a hummingbird moth, not even my own. Above is a picture Steve took. They are much easier to take pictures of than the hummingbirds as they do not care that you are hovering on top of them. I have only seen these moths a couple times this year as opposed to my almost every few minutes hummingbirds.

I found my hummingbird feeder on the ground the other day. How did this happen? The little s hook is missing too that affixed the feeder to its holder. Although I have plenty of flowers for them to feed off of, I felt bad that they went without the nectar that they seem to depend on.

I have another blog about my experience in Italy. Number one hit? Pompeii and Porn.

I was supposed to meet Naomi's mother-in-law to be last week. When she suddenly was unable to come, I  felt rejected. Turns out that she just had major surgery. While she was taking a nap, her daughter dropped off 2 toddlers and left telling the 12 year old brother that the mom had to watch them and left. This was right before Don'tae was going to pick her up for our lunch. Taking care of toddlers probably isn't part of the recovery plan. She felt she couldn't leave them with just a 12 year old and missed our lunch.

Still hot here but not as humid. I have been doing housework..not fun. Later, meeting with former colleagues.

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