Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weeds in the sauna

We in the Midwest continue to be steamed. I go out 3 times a day to cool off my sweltering plants though some species actually like the heat. I discovered yet another tuberous begonia growing in front today where I would never have planted them as it is too sunny. It is too cold for these plants to survive the winter so I take their tubers inside to replant in the spring. Steve threw out my bag of tubers misidentifying them as clumps of dirt though he did ask why I had a bag of dirt. Maybe some dirt thrown in front had begonia seeds that lay dormant for years. Who knows, it is a mystery.

This plant was inconveniently growing under the shade of poison ivy seedlings. I have discovered a new fact about my enemy: the seed leaves look identical to violet leaves. As I am constantly pulling violets (very hard to eradicate weeds), I am in danger of mistaking baby poison ivy for them. Last year about this time, I had grabbed a plant for only a second but that was enough to set off 3 weeks of a severe rash that even invaded my insides. Fun times: a newborn baby, an accident that resulted in 3 damaged front teeth that I had no insurance for 2 months to fix and the aftermath of the treachery of my now ex-friend. Suffice it to say, I am very careful around poison ivy. I send Steve out to eradicate it as he as a city boy, has had no exposure to it. Today I used a series of plastic bags to do my transplant. I didn't want to risk my gloves.

The torrential spring rains transferred numerous seeds to the cracks of my patio. Zillions of baby petunias, snapdragons, cleome and morning glories.  I have transferred many to pots and into my other gardens quite a few of these plants. I should have killed more of the morning glories as they are now smothering everything. They seem to love the heat and are growing even faster.

At the last minute yesterday, Don'tae's mom decided not to meet with me. Despite our grandbaby in common, maybe she thinks we would have nothing else to share. All speculation but it does make me sad.

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Holly said...

o - i feel sad for you too...would have been nice if she could have seen beyond her OWN needs. i recall a similar experience when i began a committed relationship with a man who had two young sons from his prior marrige. i contacted the boys' mom and suggested we meet and get to know one another. seemed to make sense to me since the boys were dividing their time between our two households (their mom's and the one i shared with their dad). she declined. told me a lot about HER!!


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