Friday, July 29, 2011

What Maya hears...

Everything apparently. As part of an investigation on why she isn't speaking, she had a hearing test today. The hearing is fine. She does do a few tricks but speaking isn't one of them nor does she babble.

My current middle of the night reading (another big storm keeping me awake last night) is Temple Grandin's "Thinking in Pictures". Grandin is a very high functioning autistic person. She writes on how autistic people think and perceive the world vs 'normals'. Aside from the whole spectrum of functioning, there are also variations on the autistic functioning itself and to reach these people, one must understand this. She was finally taught to speak at 3.5 years by a therapist who made her concentrate on that only by holding her face. She acknowledges that if you did this with many autistic people, the touching would drive them hysterical. She perceives the world in pictures instead of words. Although she is very bright, she can not do algebra problems as it is symbolic. She has a better understanding of words that are literal versus symbolic or emotional. How does one picture happy?

Naomi is off to apply for a marriage license. We ordered the cake, got her teeth fixed, partially prepared for her meeting with the minister next week...

Although it is not as hot as last week, this week has killed some of my flowers as it was much drier.
Gone are the violas and the pretty yellow things I have no name for:
How hot was it last week?

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