Sunday, July 3, 2011


Callas..there should be 4 different kinds in this container but so far, I just see the pink variety. Nearby is my herb basket, mainly a huge rosemary but also mint and a little basil. I have too much thyme in my rock garden. I keep cutting it back (at least I smell good after this) but it continues to spread.

Ms. Hummingbird. Still do not have a good picture of her boyfriend who tends to visit in the evening when the light is too low

Orange and yellow tiger and Asiatic lilies

Red lilies

pink snapdragons

two-toned moss rose
I love lilies of all kinds. I have a few star-gazer lilies that will bloom later along with my many day lilies which have buds but no blossoms. The Asiatic and tiger lilies are out in full force in my yard for the next few days. Wish they would last longer but in this heat (96 degrees yesterday!!!) not going to happen. It finally rained a bit last night. Lots of thunder and lightning but very little rain.

A lazy, hot uneventful weekend here. Steve and I went out to brunch and later, Josh and Julia will have a small birthday party for Ms. Maya.

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