Thursday, July 7, 2011

Look at the hand..

The left hand, palm down. This is approximately what the lower three-quarters of our state looks like surrounded on three sides by Great Lakes. Everyone in the US knows this but this is for the benefit of my non-US readers. Turns out not many in Europe are aware of Michigan. After a while in Italy, I gave up explaining where I was from and just said I was from LA as my companion was. People in Italy know California and New York and maybe Florida and Texas. I guess I could have said NY as I was born in the Southern Tier, more resembling Abruzzo (though the hills aren't as big) than NYC.

I live just above the wrist in line with pointer (I've been singing Where is Thumbkin? to Ms. Maya). This weekend, I will be staying in the middle of Thumbkin's thumbnail with the Moms on a much needed trip outta here. I think I have broken a record for staying in one place and I am getting very antsy. We will go to the beach on the tip of the thumb nail. Josh on the other hand ( or on the same hand) will be at his friend's fancy cottage (probably bigger than our house) on the tip of ringman. It will rain there but not where we  will be at.

The acronym that kids learn to remember the Great Lakes is HOMES. Josh will be near the "M"; I will be near the "H".

Ms. Maya has her first year check-up later today. Hopefully she will weigh enough for them not to be concerned. Also we will see what the doctor thinks about the public nurse's alarm that Maya is woefully deficient.A report was sent to the doctor.The doctor wants her to be able to say one word by now, which has not happened although she sometimes sounds like she is saying Hi. But I will be curious how they think they are going to make her talk before she is ready. No she is not deaf. She seems to pick up on the most subtle sounds.

Our only chance of rain will be  Monday at the earliest. Too bad that we couldn't' have had some of May's rains now. I am hoping that Steve will water my flowers while I am gone.


Holly said...

have fun on your trip and thanks for the geography lesson!!

Cheryl said...

A wonderful explanation for thos of us not up to date with our geography Sue.
Enjoy your time away and I look foward to hearing the results of Miss Maya's consultation. I feel sure you would recognise a problem if it existed.


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