Thursday, July 14, 2011


Roseola..sounds like it would be a pretty name for a girl, right? Ms. Maya has had three days of having a temperature which at one point reached 104 deg. Today she seemed cooler but..was covered with a rash. Chicken pox? Measles? A weak form of either disease from the shots? The nurse thinks roseola caused by a virus.
Meanwhile, the person who was supposed to evaluate Maya for her'significant delays' failed to show up yesterday. I had missed part of my class to see her so I was just as annoyed with her as Naomi. Today when I returned home from my run, I was surprised to see this Toni Collette look alike on my couch along with Naomi, Maya and the woman's son. For some reason she didn't look at her calendar yesterday and ignored the beeping that indicated she had an appointment. But since she seemed to be a reasonable person, for a change, I forgave this. She said that despite the report saying how deficient Maya was, she said she was only marginally delayed and couldn't really see the need for a complete evaluation. She should be making more sounds and doing more imitative behavior but all else checks. Maya for her part has stepped up the imitative behavior, which is cute to watch. She is a very pretty baby and is also quite sweet. The evaluation person  will check in about 6 weeks later to see if progress has been made.
Yesterday I finally got around to replacing my worn out, feet maiming running shoes with new cushy ones. They felt so much better this morning. I had a deer surprise me on my run, jumping right in front of me.

Last night was cheap margarita night. To be able to order the cheap bar food that goes with it, one needs to order a drink, a problem since Steve has not had alcohol in over a year. So I drank his too and a gin  and tonic. Suffice it to say I was impaired but that does not stop my mouth.

I sat on my patio receiving visits from both hummingbirds catching up on phone calls. Two of the calls to the remaining two of  "Los Tres Amigos". Three of us were very good friends at one point. We also happened to be the same height. Both of them were working at the company my recently deceased friend owned so I wanted to know how they were doing. One of them I hadn't spoke to in years. I was hurt that I didn't hear from him during Cancerfest. I remember that it was him I was speaking to on the phone while listening to NPR reporting on the planes hitting the World Trade Center. Anyway, it was very nice to speak with him again..he is such a sweet man. The other amigo called while I was speaking to the first but I will return that call tonight.
I also called Shanna to see how her home inspection went. With a 120 year old house, there is bound to be some issues. Turns out the central air isn't so central so more negotiations will  be needed.

Then I returned a call from one of the Moms.
Then I finally got a hold of my travelling partner from college. There will be no European trip for us this fall which makes me sad.

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