Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summertime and the living is......

Ms. Maya chillaxin' in the pool with her hat fashioned from some leggings. Her mom is behind her

Naomi about nine years ago. Hard to believe she has a one year old and hotter. This is Art Fair Week where the whole town comes to a standstill and the temps do not dip below 90. It will be difficult to park near the Y where my class is. Usually the Moms and I spend a day walking around it but the weather looks especially nasty this year.

Josh, Julia and I joined Naomi and Maya at the pool yesterday, a 2 minute walk from my house. Maya enjoys kicking around and splashing. Although her rash is almost gone, her face became swollen such that her eyes were narrow slits and the bridge of her nose was hidden. Allergic reaction? No new foods..maybe an insect bite though there are no marks or maybe a delayed reaction to those shots.

A lazy day. I didn't even run although I was back out there today, an even warmer and  more humid day. At least there was some cloud cover yesterday.

More negotiations took place for Shanna's house. They have almost come to an agreement.


Holly said...

My stomach NEVER looked like Naomi's and certainly not post baby!!!

Nae said...

i think it was more like 12 years ago, i didn't skate when i was in middle school.


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