Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vacation every day

Sandhill crane taken a year ago with a camera phone. The crane assumed it was food and took a bite out of it

This is how my patio should look. I have even more plants this year but only one morning glory blossom to show for it.

So this week marks the 2 year anniversary since I went in to work because they shut my entire work site down. How do I spend my time, I'm often asked since every moment of my life used to be spoken for. Time fills up quickly and I've yet to be bored as there is so much I need to be doing. The first year seemed to be filled up with the wedding, dealing with estate issues, spending 5 weeks in Italy, visiting my grandson, etc. This year..CANCER. Still dealing with insurance issues though the latest bit was one part of UM telling me that since they have a contract with Aetna, any charge disputes should be between them and UM and I shouldn't be sent bills and nor should I have to wrack my brain justifying the extra expense. I will appeal on the grounds of cost. The average radiation treatment is 30 days: not 16. Because I got more radiation per day, it was extra important to have these port checks ($1500 of extra ones) But I saved the insurance company $14000. Shouldn't I get credit for that?

When I used to have vacation days, I wanted to make every moment wasting of precious time. Now I sometimes feel the same but as in, these MIGHT be the only days I have left as a healthy person, better make them count. I will go to Italy in 11 days. I'm very much looking forward to that.

I've been seeing friends alot lately. Thursday, some ex-coworkers who transferred to England stopped by and I met up with them along with some other ex-coworkers. Most didn't know I had cancer. I feel strange showing up with my short curly weird hair. Steve and I had gone out to dinner with them when we were in England in 2007. It was fun listening to their take on English culture (they are from New Zealand).

Friday I went to the mom's group (a post partum support group for 30 year old babies) which is always fun.

Saturday I ran in the morning and later went for a 22.6 mile bike ride with a friend. Beautiful fall weather. We came across some sandhill cranes. Until the past 6 years, these were quite rare around here but I am thinking that they are no longer an endangered species as I come across them more frequently.

Today Steve and I went out with Josh and Julia with a rare appearance from Ms. Naomi. She usually doesn't like to go out to eat with us but maybe there is a food shortage at her place. Since she's moved out, she has come here almost every day. There's an old country song that comes to mind-How can I miss you when you still haven't gone? I had worked out on weights earlier. Since I did two aerobic workouts the day before, my body is ready for a rest.

Then I have my childhood friend living in my lower level as she tries to find a suitable place to live. She has taken over some of the gardening tasks I've neglected.

I just got an e-mail from my office mate I hadn't seen in 5 years. He used to be my biking buddy too. He's coming into town this week and we'll get together.

Finally a solitary morning glory bloomed today. I have vines entwined all over my patio but for some reason, no blooms due to using the wrong fertilizer ( I guess). As there are now quite a bit of buds, maybe I will see more blossoms before the frost kills everything.

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Jill said...

Hi Sue.
I think we all have the same feelings about doing the things we want to do now as we never know what will happen.
We went to Holland and England the end of June after I got the okay but for some reason I am already thinking of Ireland. I am not sure if it's a premonition or something else.
Enjoy your vacation in Italy and come back with lots of memories.


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